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We are currently in the process of securing a new location to better suit the operator, guest and business model.  Stay tuned...we have every intention of continuing the TBD concept and providing the opportunity for more great chefs to introduce their concepts to Las Vegas.  Thank you so much for your patience in this transition.

However, we want to thank Chef Justin Kingsley Hall and his SLO-Boy Food team for a great six months.  The idea behind the TBD concept came to fruition with SLO-Boy.  Our mission was to give Chef Hall an opportunity to showcase his concept and let Las Vegas see what they are all about.  Because of his amazing concept, the food and service became noticed and he has generated multiple amazing opportunities from his six months.  That is what we hope happens for every chef and concept who joins forces and tries out their concept in The Goodwich TBD Concept Kitchen.  We'll keep you posted on who the next chef and concept will be, when, and where they will be featured.  Thanks and see you soon.

The Goodwich TBD is the new concept out of the kiosk in Dino’s parking lot…1516 Las Vegas Blvd S. TBD stands for TO BE DETERMINED.  This refers to the upcoming culinary adventures that will be presented by The Goodwich. This is an exciting time for the Las Vegas community. Now, we will all be able to enjoy different concepts coming out of the little kiosk every 3 to 6 months. The Goodwich TBD is fostering up and coming local chefs who are looking to introduce their own original concept to the masses. Through TBD they get the chance to do so with very little liability on their part. They work together with the support of The Goodwich team to make sure their concept is fine tuned and will work out of this location. The new chef and concept now have a 3-month opportunity to WOW the sophisticated Las Vegas diners (with an option to continue for 3 more months). This allows the chefs the visibility and the feedback that can help them and their brand grow in the Las Vegas community. The Goodwich TBD is a new way to give our discerning guests the variety of outstanding, quality meals that they deserve and will keep them wanting more!


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The Goodwich

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