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Best Sandwich - Las Vegas - Desert Companion Magazine

Anything at Goodwich

You’ll be hard-pressed to choose between the PBB&J — the extra B is for bacon — and the smoked-cream-cheese-oozing Patty. Or the satisfyingly savory Ham&, in which the “&” stands for aged cheddar and sharp housemade mostrada. It’s not called The Goodwich for nothing. 1516 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 702-910-8681

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Dealicious Meal of the Year 2014 - Desert Companion Magazine

The Tomato at The Goodwich

1516 Las Vegas Blvd. S.,


Proving that less is way more, The Tomato is a marvel of sandwich simplicity. The tomato sandwich. The most simple of sandwiches, composed of tomato, mayo and salt on white bread. A staple in the South rarely seen outside of the boundaries of the old Confederacy, it hinges on the humble tomato. Small problem: In Vegas, our tomatoes are typically abysmal. Somehow, though, for only $3, The Goodwich serves an upscale version with sweet, firm tomatoes swaddled between buttery slices of toasted white bread, with creamy housemade aioli and sharp smoked sea salt. It’s real and it’s spectacular. The downside: You’ll have to wait until summer to taste for yourself; The Tomato is only available when the heirlooms are in their juicy prime. The upside: There are plenty of other hand-crafted sandwiches on The Goodwich menu to occupy your mouth until then. JB

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Las Vegas' 10 Spectacular Restaurants - TheCultureTrip.Com

The Goodwich

Located downtown near attractions, such as the Fremont Street Experience, the Smith Center, and the Neon Museum, The Goodwich is a hip eatery specialising in tasty affordable sandwiches. Guests can either walk up and order, or they can visit Dino's Lounge and have their sandwich delivered there. Open seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, this sandwich shop serves tasty breakfast and lunch varieties all made-from-scratch, including cinnamon toast with butter, cinnamon sugar, and cream cheese; the pig and grits made with pork butt and belly, bacon cheddar grits, egg, and Tabasco rouge; and the chicken with provolone, spring onions, tarragon, pesto, and crispy chicken skin.
The Goodwich, 1516 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite A, Las Vegas, NV, USA, +1 702 910 8681

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Bite Now: Veggie Sandwiches At The Goodwich - Las Vegas Weekly

It’s tough to get a good vegetarian sandwich in this town, especially one that doesn’t just replace the meat of an already established sandwich with a veggie substitute. That’s why I love the vegetarian offerings at the Goodwich. These are well thought-out, well-constructed creations that prove meatless sandwiches can be just as tasty as their traditional counterparts.

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How To Best Experience The Great New Goodwich - Las Vegas Weekly

Best way to cure a craving for three bucks: Fluff & Nutt ($3) Can you really get anything substantial for just a few dollars? Thanks to Goodwich, you can. The combination of Nutella and toasted marshmallow evokes memories of s’mores, amply sweet and satisfying without being cloying. But it’s the addition of “crunch”—a baked Rice Krispies concoction—that elevates this sinfully cheap sandwich.

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The Getaway: Quick Stop - Esquire Network

Whether you visit Las Vegas for the slot machines or the showgirls, make sure to stop by The Goodwich for a sinfully delicious sandwich.

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The Best New Restaurants Of 2014 - Las Vegas Weekly


No matter your tastes, you’ll find your favorite sandwich at the Goodwich, the small kiosk in the Dino’s parking lot. Reminiscent of holes-in-the-wall you’d find in more mature food cities, I’m hoping this spot is a harbinger of things to come as Strip talent migrates and opens accessible, locals-oriented joints. From the best PB&J to a ridiculously rich patty melt, ingredients are painstakingly procured and prepared generously, with ample use of foie gras and chicken skin. Goodwich? More like Greatwich! 1516 S. Las Vegas Blvd. #A, 702-910-8681.

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Cheap Eats 2014 - Seven Magazine

The next big thing to occupy the kiosk outside of Dino’s Downtown, the Goodwich puts lots of heart and soul between two slices of bread. Although there are sandwiches at varying price points, from $3 to $9, our favorite is the Reuben-ish at $9. Marble rye is piled high with corned beef made by chef Joshua Clark, along with house-made sauerkraut scented with fennel, Swiss cheese and the Goodwich’s own Thousand Island dressing. 

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Eat This Now - Desert Companion Magazine

Las Vegas Blvd. S. and Wyoming Ave.

Great dining springs up in unexpected places in Vegas: a bao stand in a hair salon, a barbecue joint in a shipping container — and now there’s The Goodwich, a gourmet sandwich stand serving walk-up feasts in the Dino’s Lounge parking lot. While this location seems more apt as a stop-and-frisk checkpoint than a local restaurant launch pad, it has already spawned two Vegas favorites, Naked City Sandwich Shop (which became Naked City Pizza) and Viva Las Arepas. The Goodwich is a worthy addition. The genius of this sandwich stand is in its pairing epicurean fare with comfort food, creating a menu of hand-crafted sandwiches that are both innovative and familiar. One standout is the Le Pig, a pork belly masterpiece. In the version I had, the Le Pig was prepared carnitas-style, with small pork pieces fried to crispy perfection, coupled with a smooth melted Fontina cheese, then drizzled in truffle vinaigrette and sprinkled with chip bits. Since they playfully switch up the menu every few weeks, you'll taste a different rendition — but one that's sure to be just as good.

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Best Kid's Sandwich, All Grown Up - Las Vegas Weekly

I don’t want to grow up—I’m a Toy’s “R” Us kid—but frankly it seems inevitable. With the help of the good folks at Goodwich, however, we can maintain a grasp on our youth while projecting being adults. Their riff on the childhood classic PB&J melds house-made peanut butter with pepper jelly, rosemary and bacon into the holy trinity of sweet, smoke and heat. Sure beats Skippy and Smucker’s on Wonder Bread. 1516 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Suite A, 702-910-8681. Daily, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

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Best Slow Fast Food! - Seven Magazine

Since the Goodwich opened in a kiosk in the parking lot of Dino’s, it has received rave reviews for its gourmet takes on stuff that’s stuffed between two slices of bread. The sandwiches are so good, in fact, that many are forgiving of the time it takes to prepare them—mainly because they’re being prepared in a kiosk in the parking lot of Dino’s. But the made-to-order handheld bites—from the simple thick-cut ham and aged cheddar to the Reuben-ish (pictured) made with fennel kraut and house-cured corned beef—are worth the wait.

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The Goodwich

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